Graphic LCD 128x64 STN - KS0108B, anyone have a driver?

Does anyone have a driver for one of these lcd’s before i go and write one?

SFE’s 128x64 based on the KS0108B: [url][/url]

And no, i can’t use FEZ’s 128x64 driver because theirs is SPI.

I tried one of those, didn’t like it at all. Maybe they have fixed them, otherwise, the software was really buggy. I had to return mine because it was basically unusable.

EDIT: The one I tried was it’s serial brother, yeah, don’t get the SERIAL one.

I use the toshiba’s T6963C lcd quite a lot

But I dont use their commands atall I create a bitmap in memory (just like FEZ do)

And use the fast autowrite command (I think its 0xB0) to flush the screen. I belive you can just do this with the KS0108B

There are many c routines on the web for this controller. Also I was looking at a parallel port class on the web for hooking several IO pins into a parallel port so you can use it with a parallel LCD

I love this site

Because of the architecture of NETMF, using parallel displays will not be fast enough. Use SPI and you will get much better transfer speeds.

Unfortunately i have a bunch of 128x64 displays here. It’s not something that needs to be updated fast so hopefully i can dump out the data fast enough for a refresh rate of 1-2 fps.

I’m 22 pins from using every pin on the Panda with this project :smiley:

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If this is all you need then it will work just fine.

ok great :slight_smile: I’m going to hack a computer PSU to build it into a lab supply with all the voltage and amp measurements and amp clamping and such :slight_smile:

Most PC power supplies have a largish minimum load requirement, like 10% or more of rated load, below which they will not regulate properly. Years ago I took an old 200W PC supply and used a few 5W power resistors as a dummy load and a few banana jacks as power taps.

I’m using old Antec NeoPower psu’s, they are great for hacking. I’m using one with just the blue wire tied to ground (power on) already, but it’s only 600W (3x15A 12v rails) but i want more and i want current limiting so i can have a high amp, yet current limited 12v supply so i’m going to convert a spare 800w that i repaired previously :slight_smile:

The antec’s are very solidly built with good quality parts, not like the $20 psu’s heh. I’ll post it’s progress on my blog and here once i get the pandas

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