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Graphic demo doesn't work on cobra


Received a Cobra starter kit and tried running the GHI Demo but it says ‘deployment error: device not found: ChipworkX’ !
Apparently the VS1053 drivers need the chipworkX…

So how to run on the Cobra?


You need to change the deployment target to EMX_EMX in the project properties. I would attach an image, but for some reason the image upload is broken. The web dev is porbably working on it right now.


Which demo is it?

Maybe you use the wrong one?

The intialisation of the MP3 decoder fails. But there is no MP3 decoder on FEZ Cobra.

Afaik , only on ChipworkX dev system and EMX dev sytem , a VS1053 MP3 decoder is onboard.


Go to:

  • Project -> your project name properties
  • .net micro framework
  • And then select (if not yet selected) Select the EMX_EMX at the transport dropdown.


The demo comes from here (link removed) mentioned in a Cobra post here: (link removed)
I have the .Net MF Deployment set to USB Transport with the EMX_EMX device selected.

As you mentioned, the MP3 (VS1053.cs driver) compiles but fails to load…because there is no MP3 on the Cobra!

So, what graphics demo should i be using for the Cobra?
And, more importantly, where might I obtain it?


We are updating the demo to make sure it will work on new 4.1 tomorrow.

There are many “Microsoft” demos that ship with 4.1. Any one of these demos will work…not as cool as our demo though :slight_smile:


GHI Graphical Demo has been updated to 4.1.


Thanks, I’m upgrading now!

I’ll tell you how it goes!


Well, it was a hassle at first…needed to uninstall some older micro-framework stuff; had to update the flash using a laptop etc…total time about 4 hours!!!
But it works well on the laptop and the demo is very nice!

Thanks to all!