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I bought a Libelium GPS Module for Arduino
and I wanted to connect it ia FEZ Panda II, you know how I can read the GPS values​​?
Thank you.


Look around the forum and code-share, there are many many examples on parsing GPS data.




sometimes your replies are less than helpful. what you basically said was “look elsewhere”. you didnt even give him anything helpful that he could use to search.

there are 2 things you need to worry about. first off is connecting to the panda and second is parsing the data. your unit appears to have some sort of serial connection, that is easy enough with the panda. check the wiring diagrams (wiring will be similar to the arduino) for both the panda and the gps unit and have the serial port on the gps wired to the COM port on the panda (im at work so i cant be more specific, look at the docs).

in software you will need to have serial port that is listening on the COM port of the panda and have something like this:

serialPort1_DataReceived(object sender, SerialDataReceivedEventArgs e){

that prob wont work alone, id have to check my own projects (but im at work) to see how to handle the actual incoming data, but if you put a breakpoint at this method you should be able to figure out how to deal with this data. the data itself will come in chunks, but the chunks will form a GPS sentence. putting them together into something useful is something you will need to figure out. the output will probably be several different sentences but the formats are all described here:

search google for NMEA SENTENCE or GPS SENTENCE to see examples of the format


here is a link to one of my GPS projects that includes an object that handles the parsing of the GPS NMEA sentence into usable parts (long, lat, etc). you probably wont be able to use that class out-of-the-box but it will at least give you a better understanding of how i solved the same problems.