GPS and validation of the NEMA sentence

Im working on a GPS driven autonomous boat and started using this driver [url][/url] but as far as I can see there is no validation of the checksum.
Can someone confirm this or is there a better driver somewhere?

I think I remember someone talking about truncation losing accuracy in the initially published driver.

[url][/url] is a recent update that has some improved accuracy plus some additional functions.

I’ve found the Checksum calulation algorythm for NMEA senteces in the Netduino Forum.

Here it is. It should work with the FEZ Domino:

       public static bool HasValidChecksum(string sentence)
            //For assumption purposes "$[at least one character]*XX"
            if (sentence.Length < 5)
                return false;

            //$ = String, but Dollar looks more descriptive
            int DollarLoc = sentence.IndexOf('$');
            int StarLoc = sentence.LastIndexOf('*');

            //make sure this string doesn't have extraneous characters
            if (DollarLoc != 0 || StarLoc != sentence.Length - 3 )
                return false;

            string checksumFromSentence = sentence.Substring(StarLoc + 1, 2);

            String valToCheck = sentence.Substring(DollarLoc+1, StarLoc-1);
            //the checksum is calculated by xor-ing all the characters between $ and *
            char c = valToCheck[0];
            for(int i = 1;i<valToCheck.Length;i++)
                c ^= valToCheck[i];

            return Convert.ToInt32(checksumFromSentence,16) == (int)c;

Great, thank’s