GPRS shield with FEZ Domino/Cerbuino

we want to use the GPRS shield from Seeedstudio. The problem is that here we need an UART at pins Di7 + Di8.
FEZ Domino has 3 UART, Cerbuino 2, but I think the pins are fixed. Is it possible to emulate an UART at pins 7+8?

The ports on a Domino are certainly hardwired. There’s no software UART, so you will need to rewire these connections to a supported UART pin combination.

Since Cerbuino is new, there might be more chance in “remapping” but I don’t know enough to talk to this.

Really, the quickest and easiest way, if you don’t have an issue with losing Di7/Di8 as well as Di0/Di1 is just to wire a loop from the 7/8 combo to the 0/1 combo. You won’t be able to use either for anything other than the UART, but it should work fine for you

So, GPRS shield is not Cerbuino compatible?
I need to be sure.

any arduino-compatible shield should work on cerbuino. You still need to write the drivers for it though.

Why not use the gadgeteer GPRS module instead?