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Got the GIFT!


Thanks GHI, Gus,

I love it! :smiley:
I will definitely will put them into the good use!


Very nice! :o


That doesn’t look like a standard cobra! :o

What is with the Dragon on the case and what is with the extra controls on that perf board?



I think it is not a Dragon. It is a Cobra. ;D


the perf board is just Sam’s project that is being returned.


That is the image cutout to hide the holes beside the LCD!

Now, I got my Cobra a new Firmware!


Woah, that was really fast. Looks really good Sam!


Well, Illinois is not that far from Michigan, where GHI is! :wink:


Missouri isn’t far from Illinois, which is where I’m from!


Good to know that there is another FEZZer living close by!


That was fast, your cobra looks way better than what’s on the website - they really need to update the photos on the site! That looks great.

Congrats again on your gift.


Wow you have gotten a special edition! ;D The image has only been showed once here and that was on the prototype of the cobra in the development stage! ;D

Show us some cool projects soon 8)


Actually, there have been plenty of Cobras with things over top of them around. Min had a picture of Rick Ashtly on top of it when I got it ::slight_smile:


You were Cobra-rolled? That’s just not right…


Yes, Chris, you got rick rolled. :smiley:
That’s something different then a super cool cobra image! :smiley:

Images are released now, check them out here


Now who would do something so horrible? :smiley:

We need to yell at our shipping department!


The shipping department should be fired :smiley: Oh wait who is the main person there…? let me think… I believe it’s someone called Robert :smiley:


I think Mike also does some shipping…