Got me fooled! Scratching my head.. So I'll ask

I believe I have the latest examples. (1028_1265_ALCAM_Example_NETMF_FlowControl)

The user manual for Initialize the USB shows command I U.

In ALCAM.cs a command is shown as:

public string InitializeUsb()
this.SendCommand(“I D:H”); <<<<<

return this.ReadLine();


If this is a valid command, what is D:H ?

Nothing urgent. Just a question.

Thanks in advance.

@ willgeorge - I believe the example is wrong, it should be I U.

related, maybe… is the codeshare the place to get the samples, or is the sticky FAQ post? The sticky FAQ has a link to a direct zip.

@ Brett -

The name of the code examples I was using is:

However… I do not remember where I got it from.

based on the name it came from codeshare