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Google hangout anyone?

I’d say test was successful!

Gus, Valentin and I just tried out a Google hangout for a few minutes. I was quite impressed. The audio quality was excellent and the video equally good.

Should be fun/interesting tomorrow.

Yes, except the laptop battery died before I could say goodnight!

I just learned about youtube stream feature. This means 10 can participate but anyone can jump in and watch the video, which can also be recorded. Good job Google!

Now, will have to think of couple cool things to show you tomorrow.

I’ll try to join tomorrow, but I might be just listening.

Did I miss something? So there is definitely a hangout tomorrow? I don’t see where a time was ever confirmed. 11am EST? I also might be able to listen in at that time but I’ll be at work and I’m already planning to leave work at noon so I might be pushing it to free up for this also. But, if Gus is showing off some stuff then I’ll do my best to listen in. :slight_smile:

I do not know what is the plan either but let’s do something.

So what did you guys revieve when I invited you? Email?

I got 2 emails with invitation.

I did not receive an email, but I was in the process of logging on to Google, and when I logged on there was a message saying I was invited.

Ooops. I have to get my email client to check gmail. lol

*** I found two invitations from Gus on my gmail account. It works.

Are we doing 11am EST? I can pop in and say hi.

Yep… Gus should be posting details soon. More than 10 interesting, so Gus will try broadcasting the hangout.

Don’t forget, you need a Google/GMail account to join/listen.

If Gus is too busy to start a hangout I can…

News at 11… nobody’s home. noon would be better. Wouldn’t the point be for Gus to show off some new piece of hardware? Or are we just going to introduce ourselves to the group?

We’re waiting…

@ ransomhall - I invited you

lol to the photochopped pic

We just finished the hangout. It was a lot of fun.

Gus took us on a walk through the new facility and showed us the production line.

He also showed us the new ****** and the new *****.

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must…workout… secret…handshake…

I came in a bit late, but did get to see the new ******. Can’t wait to give it a spin.

They have names for people that make comments like that… :smiley: