Google hangout anyone?

As requested by many of you, we are thinking of hosting a regular google hangout … or just try it out for now :slight_smile:

What time would work for you guys? Keep in mind we have members from down south and Europe.

What about Friday morning? I am not talking about this very Friday, but more in general.

I like Friday because this is inline with our internal event “FEZ Friday”, which is the very first Friday of every month usually.

More info on google hangout


only supports up to ten participants? is that enough?

What you trying to say, Gus? We may talk a little slower down here in the great South but time still moves at the same speed as everywhere else. I’m in your time zone :wink:

This sounds great to me. If we did it early on Fri before I head off to work then that would be great. 0700 (GMT-0600) ?

Friday works for me

it is a good start at least :slight_smile:

That won’t work for people west of us. They will be still in bed.

11AM works for everyone, from California to China?! But I agree many are at work.

Ok. Let me refine my answer then. I can make just about anytime between 1900-0700 (GMT-0600) on any day work. I’m not concerned about getting up early.

I’m game. Best time on Fridays would be after 7pm EST. Weekdays are a non-starter.

@ Gus - You suggested 11AM but did not specify a time zone. I assume you mean EST?

I will try to join whatever is convenient for the majority.

My preferable times are: before 8am EST or after 10pm EST.

@ Mike - yes EST

what will be the procedure? it appears someone has to create a hangout and then invite attendees. also attendees have to become known to the creator. I found Gus and added him to people I know list. I think when I did this, Gus then added me

There is my own page and there is the GHI page. I think there is difference in which one we start the hangout from. The GHi one is in the upper right corner of the website.

only supports up to ten participants? is that enough?

How about those (like me) that would just like to ‘just listen’ and not necessarily want to stick their foot in their mouth…

Perhaps someone could also do a YouTube live stream of the Google Hangout? My live streaming option isn’t available yet. Anyone else have it? Those on YouTube could ask questions via Google Talk.

Whatever time works for me as the guys in England think I must live in Russia or something, oh the life of a geek who doesn’t believe in time.

@ gus -how is the hangout tomorrow going to work?

I have no idea :slight_smile: I see a “start hangout” button so I will click it and see what happens. I will go play with it now. It should be simple.

I@ Gus - I think you will have to “friend” possible attendees. Then you start a hangout and then add them to the attendee list. After that, I have no idea what happens.

@ Mike - Just started a hangout and invited you.