Google buys Boston Dynamics

Interesting purchase by Google – wonder if it’s to assist their autonomous autos or because Boston Dynamics makes some pretty darn cool bots.

Wow, that could turn out very interesting, but I’m not sure I’m ready for a Big Dog running down the street carrying a Google street view camera.

Wow indeed. It should be interesting to see what Google’s up to. That’s 7 robotics companies in as many months.

Looks like they are ready to test Android for real. :wink:


Hmm… “Okay Google” 2.0? (Not sure what the feature is actually called :wink: )

“Do no harm” is going to have to be expanded to the 3 rules… Let’s just hope they don’t hand over control to Vicki!

Hmmm, that explains one of our motor vendors telling us that Google’s been buying tons of motors from them lately.

I think it’s one of 3 possibilities:

  1. They are funding those robotic companies for the good of the world. Robotics is set to be the next big growth industry: like the PC was 30 years ago (so say certain sources).

  2. They are buying them for a 3rd party. The phrase “Control it don’t own it” comes to mind here. Since Larry Page has ties to NASA it could be that he is buying them because his “Mom” wants them.

  3. Google is Skynet

See my picture below first and read my question below:
My question is, what would a girl do with a dog like that :wink:

This sale was about sensors and the software for those sensors.

Tweet from Brent Butt @ BrentButt

Google motto 2004: Don’t be evil
Google motto 2010: Evil is tricky to define
Google motto 2013: We make military robots


Not all robots are evil:

Merry Christmas everyone!