Goodbye Gadgeteer

Wow… How is it possible that these guys have never (that I remember…) been mentioned here before? Makes you wonder how many other “sleeper” Gadgeteer folks there are out there…


Pretty good board they have and the documentation is spot on too.

I’ve been using GHI “Gadgeteer” hardware from day 1, Spider, Raptor and lots of accessory boards. I’ve never written a Gadgeteer app, everything I’ve done has been plain vanilla .NET Micro. So I know that Gadgeteer hardware works great without the Gadgeteer software and I’m curious why people think that because Gadgeteer software is going away, they have to throw their Gadgeteer boards away too. Is it really that hard to port Gadgeteer software to straight .NET Micro?

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@ Gene - thank you and you are right. It is not hard to port code. I keep trying to get that point across to make sure everyone gets it. Actually, we recorded another tech talk just for this.

@ Gus -
Actually, we recorded another tech talk just for this

Looking forward to it. Can’t wait…

Sorry if this is somewhere else and I just can’t find it. But I’ve got to re-create a dozen devices that I deployed years ago. I’d love it if they could just be the same as the ones out there already that used gadgeteer modules. Please tell me the schematics are still available somewhere. I beg you please make all those old module schematics open source or something. Whenever I had to add something to a project. Those schematics were my reference. It would be great if the eagle files were available to.


@ stotech -


Be sure to check the box Include Discontinued

@ willgeorge - Few…Thanks for that. I was sweating there for a little bit.

@ stotech - no sweat. You are in good hands. Just give us a call and we will take care of your needs.