Goodbye all and I wish you all well

I just wanted to take a minute to tell everyone that is has been a pleasure working with you however I have recently taken a position with Microsoft. This by far has been one of the most enjoyable jobs I have had and that is in part due to the “characters” in this forum, and you should know who you are.

I will continue to be around the forum so I will talk to you soon. :frowning:


and we know it is April 1


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Congrats to you! I hope your next position will be as rich as it is at GHI (I do not speak about money but more about challenge and all the other aspects of a job that makes working enjoyable).

Ouch 1st of april I hope it was just a joke :clap:

Yes, you never announce things like that on April first. You never actually announce anything real on April first.

I am surprised hat he USB Prank wasn’t on sale at a ridiculously low price today.

@ Rajesh - you couldn’t go with it for the first few minutes? I am not leaving GHI until they pry my cold dead fingers from the keyboard. It’s hard to find a job that you love! 8)

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@ Blue Hair Bob - much cheaper and we would be giving it away

Who would take over keeping the “lists”?


@ suitable1 - LOL, that’s a really good question as the lists are very important part of the job. I suppose I could pass it on to a community member.


I updating my resume when Gary admitted it was an April Fools joke.

@ Mike - lol…were you looking to leaving NY and coming to MI?

@ Gary - NY? Fuhgeddaboudit! I am in New Joisey.

Based upon the recent weather here, I am thinking of going to MI for spring break.

@ Mike - It’s warm today, come on over.

sorry for busting it for you … but GHI (and the forum) without Gary … nah… not acceptable …

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sorry for busting it for you … but GHI (and the forum) without Gary … nah… not acceptable …

@ Rajesh - We’ll just move over with Gary. ;D

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i did not double post… was trying to get rid of the quote and it double posted

I second that… Gary can go wherever … but let him take us too

@ Rajesh - LOL…I will make sure and print this out when it comes time for my annual reveiw. :smiley: