Good news on FEZ Cobra II

We are very excited to say FEZ Cobra II has passed through CE/FCC and other global standards and it is in full production. Will try to update you more when possible.

By the way, G120 is also now CE/FCC and G120HDR is at the lab being tested as we speak :slight_smile:

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Any guesses on when pre-orders will ship?

Can’t wait to get mine. Congratulations! How long does it take on average to get FCC certification? Just curious.

Freakin’ [strike]Easy[/strike] AWESOME!

Oh well, guess pre-orders may not quite squeak into pre-Xmas, but what the heck, a nice new year present is good too.

Go GHI !

(oh, just don’t tell me you’re closing until February ! :wink: )

GREAT NEWS! I am really looking forward to this. Thanks guys.

My guess is that the Cobra II is targeted to ship to the public in four weeks.

Sound about right Gus?

Trying to keep it within January.

Congrats to everyone at GHI who made this product happen!