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Going to FLL Regionals after today


Tic-Tac-Tech Team of Brighton is one of 13 teams (out of 52 total) who won to go to regionals today at Flint, MI. Long day. aahgg. They also won a first place trophy on Team Work. If you get chance, become a coach or mentor next year. It is a good thing. Still wish we could use TinyClr instead of the NXT brick :slight_smile:


Yes a mentor is s good thing. Sadly you seem to learn more then you teach. Congrats on your trophy. Next you need to move up with your team. The higher level robots get crazy. Then see if you can find a vex team that needs a mentor :smiley:

Then you find out you spend way to much time doing it and have to scale back.


Flint is only an hour away. We should get together sometime for lunch maybe. I am sure the guys here would like to hear more


Wow. I had no clue GHI was near me until you said something. Cool. hmm, a GHI TinyClr league could be interesting.


Wonder if the kids could, sometime before Dec 11th have a field trip in your work place and show them some stuff and maybe a quick walkabout. tia Gus


Sure. Please contact us directly