GlideX - Glide loader for TinyCLR UI Library

This is an early preview of GlideX, the glide xml loader for TinyCLR UI. So, the aim is to use your existing glide file and render as WPF (Current TinyCLR UI Library).


  1. add ID property in UIElement class, so we can find the component using ID (name of component) by traversing the UI tree.
  2. Add support for Grid, Slider and PasswordBox.
  3. … ?

if you have a free time, please join and contribute :


today updates:

  1. you can get the control by using GetChildByName method, just like glide
  2. so, you can set the properties or assign an event to it
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Hurray, now tinyclr UI library have datagrid component, imported from glide library haha…

please watch the demo:

Hopefully you like it…

Add support for Slider Control


That is great. Keep them coming. Are you going to contribute your work back? We welcome a PR.

How about slider and password box support ?

how to use it?

Let me know if there is bugs, these code need to be refactored and cleaned up. So, now we can render your old glide app to the new tinyclr ui graphics.


add paging in combobox / dropdown to handle more items…