Glide MessageboxManager and CapacitiveTouchController issue

MessageBox is not responding to touch event, so it cannot be closed. Was anyone able to make it work with CapacitiveTouchController ?

if (Glide.MessageBoxManager.Show(string.Concat("Connect to ", ssis, "?"), 
                "WiFi Connections", ModalButtons.YesNo) == ModalResult.Yes)
                if (_WiFi.LinkConnected)

                _WiFi.Join(ssid, pass);

The problem remains the same, the MessageBox cannot be closed.
So the question is how to make it work?

I’ve never gotten this to work. Messagebox polls the touch driver and with capacitive touch it doesn’t work as yet.

I just create a new window and use that to handle the YES NO. Not as elegant but it works.

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