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Glide -- Graphical Library for NETMF


Sorry, lose the Parent from the line

myWindow.Graphics.DrawLine(Colors.Black, 1, 10, 10, 100, 10);


@ mcox I will look into it.


Thanks Josh.


GLIDE for DA user interface convenience, providing TrackBar component?


@ Josh
Sorry, but allready tried this too and nothing is seen on the screen :frowning:




Would it be possible to keep the header in place at the top of the datagrid when scrolling?



That or a way to hide it then a text box can be added above the grid


Josh: Is there a way to stretch (or shrink) the bitmap in an image control to the size of the image control? I want to make an image control bigger (or smaller) depending on an action. For example if touched, then I would like to make it bigger. Or if it is moved to the middle of the screen via a button press. I am thinking of something similar to a sliding picture control. I’ve done something that works great, but the images are all the same size.


Building a Glide application i ran into a great problem : OutOfMemoryExecption.
I’ve made a oo window management and each time i destroy a window object and create a new window instance my memory got more and more less. GC shows me a growing amount at Type 1E (BINARY_BLOB_HEAD) which is a hint for Bitmaps that don’t dispose.
Could there be a memory lack in Glide ?



All these issues will be looked into before the next release. Much to come so stay tuned.

@ af6767
Can you send me some example of your code to josh.young at ghielectronics dot com.


When I test the button example, I got an error.
Please see the attached file, thank you very much.


I think you have an issue with namespaces. Did you follow this example?

If you did, you shouldn’t have any issues.


Will Glide worth with a Panda-II if I add on a touch screen? Does the Panda-II have enough memory to support it? A simple listing of basic device requirements on the Glide web page would be a nice addition.




Glide will not work with Panda II. At minimum your device must support NETMF’s Bitmap class. Some community members have developed solutions that do work with Panda II and the touch screen.

For instance, Spiral:


Glide V 0.2.0 released!


@ Josh
V 0.2.0 works like a charm !
All my issues are blown away. Great Job !!



Error 404
We’re sorry, but /downloads/Glide/Library/html/29bfc922-2454-6001-acd2-24458f621ec2.htm could not be found.


Try This:


In the DrawRectangle ist the gradien color without function. Only the ouline is visible.



I ran the following and the gradient worked for me?

canvas.DrawRectangle(Colors.Blue, 1, 0, 0, Glide.LCD.Width, Glide.LCD.Height, 0, 0, Colors.Red, 0, 0, Colors.Blue, Glide.LCD.Width, Glide.LCD.Height, 255);