Glide Deployment Problem Question

When adding GHIElectronics.NETMF.Glide.dll (v1.0.3 - to my project I get an error message (without this dll there are no deployment problems):

“Error 1 An error has occurred. Please check your hardware”

I have a FEZ Panda II board with FEZ Connect and FEZ Touch.


Glide only works on the larger graphics capable devices (Cobra, EMX). For Panda, you want Skewworks Spiral


Is WPF also supported on FEZ Panda II? If yes are there somewhere examples available?


no, there’s not enough memory for WPF on Panda. You really need a fully-connected graphics LCD and the Touch uses an external control chip

There are few libraries and examples on code section.


Is the latest version of the FEZ Touch driver 2.3?
I suppose this driver is not standard installed so must be installed separately?

the “driver” is really just a piece of code, it’s not a core piece of the netmf, so yes you need to “install” (copy) it yourself.

Sorry for asking but I’m new to FEZ Panda II. I suppose I have to add a reference to a FEZ Connect (driver) library in my VST project? If yes, what is the library (assemblies)? To display info on the FEZ Touch do i need somethiong like Skewworks or does the GHI provided namespace(s) have the necessary widgets?


@ gdillen
As Brett said: the FEZ Touch “driver” is only a C# class that provides an interface to the FEZ Touch device. It’s not compiled into a DLL or library, so it needs to be copied to your project.

You should download the sample VS project included with the “driver”, and study all the code in that project so you can learn how the “driver” is used in an application.