Glide DataGrid: Is there a way to select individual cells?

I am working on a project in C# where I need to navigate a DataGrid through the use of directional keys and a numeric keypad (and NO touchscreen :’( ). There is an enter button which I am using to activate what I call “Edit DataGrid Mode”, where I call the following on the DataGrid myGrid (which selects row 10, for example, and colors it yellow):

Problem is, I would like to be able to enter into a “Edit Cell Mode” when I click the enter button again, but in the DataGrid class, there doesn’t seem to be any way to show a cell is selected. I thought about using a popup window that would get the data from the cell and then proceed from there, but I would rather avoid popups in favor of a more streamlined approach. Am I missing something about how I could trigger touch events to make a cell select? Or should I just go the hardcore route and use something similar to [code=cs]window.Graphics.DrawTextInRect(…); [/code
to make a text rectangle appear over the cell I am editing?

You have access to the source so you could potentially add the feature you need.

The datagrid for me only allows me to select a whole line and I then open an edit window to show the contents of each cell for editing. I can see you need for cell by cell though and you may need to develop this as an add on to the existing datagrid.

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Thanks for the reply Dave, time to put on my thinking hat :wink: