Glide, Canvas, Fonts...oh my!

I waited two years to get a display for my FEZ. I couldn’t resist the CP7 and now I’m trying to get caught up on this UI stuff… I’m trying to design a screen that has several graphs and some large text on it. I started with this nice graphing example…

I’m easily creating a graph using Canvas. So, now I’m trying to add the large (24+ pt font) text. I don’t see a way to resize fonts. Adjusting the height & width of the Text object doesn’t seem to do anything.

// Configure the text box to display the BPM label.
            var defaultFont = Resources.GetFont(Resources.FontResources.NinaB);
            bpmText = new Text(defaultFont, "BPM") {    ForeColor = Colors.Blue, 
                                                        Height = 48, 
                                                        Width = 48,

Next, I start looking at the Glide designer and that seems like the way to go and it has larger font size options. However, can I mix in a Canvas to draw the graph on?

Is an upgrade coming to the Glide Designer to make it more CP7 friendly? (drawing area)

I believe fonts cannot be resized. They can only be used at the size you chose when creating the resource.

Each font size in Glide is a separate resource. Glide is CP7 friendly. You can set the window size to 800x480 and your drawing area is as big as the display. You can use Canvas to draw a graph.

@ Ian I believe Glide uses embedded resources with fixed names. While you cannot resize fonts at all in NETMF what you can do is replace those resources with larger fonts that fit your need. :slight_smile:

Thanks. After your tip about the TinyFontTool, I was able to make great progress.