Glide Buttons with Multi-line Text?

Does anyone have a work around to create the effect of
Buttons with more than one row of text on them (not using graphics?)

Would be a great nice to have, Glide Buttons with Multi-line Text?

at present if text is longer than the width of the button it simply does not appear,

have also tried adding “\r\n” in the string to force wrap, but seems not to be supported

I have never seen a multi-line button in any GUI standards. Generally, if more information is needed for a button, a tooltip is used.

You could override the Render method of the button class and do the text printing yourself.

Hi Mike, we must travel in different universes.

Coming from a defense + automation OEM /SCADA GUI background I’ve used them extensively for options, where I need to FIT many square type buttons in grid fashion on the Screen at the same time. Such that Line 1 refers to PLANT AREA, line 2 EQUIPMENT CLASS, etc, Tooltips on FEZ Cobra touchscreen ? without a mouse? This justification is getting off topic.

In short, I have a need for multi-line text on butttons, just need to offer a ‘\n’ as a line separator in the existing ‘.Text’ methods, if Glide was to be extended.

Textblocks support wrap, why can’t buttons?

you could use a textblock as a button painting the background on a touch down, or use a button and write the multiline text yourself. you do this by overriding the render method.


One cool thing I did was to add a C# Winforms project to my solution to mock up the screens I intend to use on the FEZ Cobra. Works really well. If I was doing this alot (which I am not) I might write a tool to convert C# Winforms designer code into code to draw FEZ Glide windows.

Damn shame C# Winforms have multi-line buttons