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Glide and hydra mainboard


Is the Hydra board compatible with Glide?



Yes, you can use Glide on Hydra.


If I make a new gadgeteer project without glide library used and referenced, i can deploy on my board.

when I add the reference to the Glide library into my project and try to debug , i receive an error in the output window : “An error has occurred: please check your hardware”

i’m using an hydra board and a T35 display…


Check this thread and the demo link by devhammer


@ damhold

Usually, if I see that error message, it indicates that my board is either not plugged in, or I didn’t plug it in quickly enough before starting the deployment. Have you tried a rebuild and redeploy? And are you able to ping the board from MFDeploy?


I will check this thread…
thank you


@ devhammer
Yes i can ping my board with mfdeploy !
the release date of the hydra is 6 jan 2012 ( i think the last one… )

if i remove the glide dll from project references, i can deploy
if i put add the glide dll, not…


I made a repair install of OSH sdk and i don’t have the problem anymore!!!
I just installed the last sdk yesterday… i don’t know why it was already corrupted???
Thanks a lot for the help…


@ damhold

Glad to hear you got it working!