GHI's Touch display should be connected with Socket RGB(T)

Hi, I’m trying to adapt touch display into Mountaineer board or Cerberus. For that, I searched touch display supported in Socket RGB(T). But Cerb and MT don’t have related sockets. I wonder if I dig in inner code for porting, it can be or not. The official “Socket Type Table” describe that RGB sockets include pins with LCD related name such as LCD_R0, LCD_G0. I just guessed the pins are just GPIO. So if I changed source code, it can be accepted any GPIO related socket. It is blocked by specification of hardware?

Regards, Jiwon.

The Cerb and MT don’t have a native LCD interface so you will not be able to get this working. There is also not enough RAM to support any bitmaps etc.

Your only option would be to use something like the 4DSystems modules with the built in controllers or any of the other LCD modules with built in rendering hardware.

A good option would be through using EVE800 module

Eve800 module:

Eve Displays: