GHI's Open Source Port setup

I want to jump in the world of GHI’s Open Source ports specialy for Hydra!

I want to make sure I’m all setup correctly:

PK v4.2(QFE2)
download GHI’s Open Source NETMF Ports
I install GCC in c:\gcc\ folder! (arm-2007q3-53-arm-none-eabi 4.2.1)

I can compile the iMXS solution with success (following the biginners’s guide to porting netmf

Do we have to copy the Open Source NETMF Ports folder inside the PK ?
Am I on the right track?

Yes, you will need to copy the FEZ_Hydra and FEZ_Cerberus folders to the Solution folder and then the GHI folder to the DeviceCode folder and under the Targets\Native folder you should make a back-up of the AT91 and the STM32, STM32F4 folders and copy the downloaded folders in their place.

Just a note though, we do not provide the GCC scatter file necessary for the Hydra to compile correctly; however, taylorza, one of our community members, I believe does have the proper scatter file for the GCC compiler to compile the Hydra code.

I committed the GCC scatter file for the Hydra to the GHI codeplex repository. Also, the wiki has a quick walkthrough of the steps I took to build the firmware for the Hydra and I will be adding more info on building custom interop extension for the CLR framework.

Thanks, great wiki it will be very helpfull!