GHI's main website has been updated

We are very excited to show our improved main website. This is step #1 in the updates we want to make. The website ha a lot of information now about NETMF and Gadgeteer so it should be easier fro you and us to show how cool things can be with GHI electronics’ products :slight_smile:

Comments are welcome.


Congratulations! A lot of hard work! :clap:

By the way, Raj just showed me a little issue with menu disappearing quickly before you are able to click. He is using IE9 and I am using IE9, he sees the problem and I don’t!

We will look more into this on Monday, now we get some beer!

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+1 for cool new website. It does look better than the previous one.

Enjoy the well deserved beer !

Looks great! Enjoy your beer!

Love the new site guys, more beers :slight_smile:


@ semicolon - Please clear your cache and try F5 and ctrl+F5

wow, it’s perfect now =)

Nice, I love the application settings page. Now I can’t wait until school starts so I can start my fez club.

wow, Application section is good.

Webguys - You forgot that if you don’t change the CSS name or give it a querystring caching will make you’re new site look ugly. I only had to hit F5 once, but you know, still. :wink:

clean and easy to navigate… :slight_smile:

I had some weird caching going on, maybe a style sheet issue, but once I did a CTRL-refresh it looks great!

It works great also on iPad safari. Nice job!

Catalog Gadgeteer Modules -> IO60P16 Module -> Larger version of the images

The image shows “n of 10” photos for this module, even though there are only 3. If you try to view the 4th, it never loads and just “spins”.

Just randomly clicked around a bit, and it’s “n of 10” for different modules as well (I checked WiFi & CAN)