I don’t have the following reference GHIElectronics.NETMF.Hardware

I followed the steps on “

I do have GHI.Premium.Hardware

That was an old namespace for 4.1 GHI libraries. If you build a project for one of the legacy devices you will use it.

@ Architect - Most of the examples reference these. Is there a cross reference of what to use now to get the examples to work?

The easiest way would be to open two browser windows and look at the 4.1 documentation:

and 4.2:

You will see renaming pattern.

You can also open any namespace and check where the classes are.

And if you are stuck you can always ask here and we will help :wink:

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@ Architect -

Thanks for the help.
I had guessed that NETMF must had been replaced with Premium but they are not always one for one replacement.

Converting all the examples to run under the new library might be a good exercise.

Please also keep in mind that some of the classes has been added to the main NetMF namespaces in 4.2 (AnalogInput, AnalogOutput, PWM, etc.)

Most of these classes are inside Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware namespace.