GHI Website menus

So…I use a Surface RT a lot of the time. Your website doesn’t work well with this device, or my Windows Phone.

The problem is caused by the behavior of your drop-down menus. The drop down list should stay visible when you click the menu item. Since they don’t I can’t use them. They disappear before I can click on a submenu.



The drop down menus work fine with an ipad. must be something specific to touch browser.

Am having issues with Android chrome

Same, issues with Android Chrome and the built-in Android browser.

Works fine on IE on my lappy.

Tried on friends Android tablet – the menu comes down, but can’t click on the menu items.

Top level menu now link to a page that has a menu on the left. This should get you to anything from any device.

Desktop PC, IE 10 and Chrome, Mouse

The white gap between menu choices is a problem.

As you mouse up or down through menu choices and if there is something below the white gap that can get focus, you loose the menu…

This happens on all menus / pages I have tried.

I forgot to mention that with Chrome the white gap is much smaller and the menus work OK.

I do not have this problem?! Do you have zoom set to 100% or something else?

@ Gus -

I mostly use 100% sometimes 110%

It is hard for me to explain.

Take this page as I type.

If I go up to the top menu bar: Technologies > Applications > Support etc.
Under it is another menu: Home > Community > Forum > etc:

Community > and Company > I can go through all menu items and sub items without issues. Nothing under the menu choices to ‘steal’ focus from the mouse.

If I remain on the top menu and move left to Support > and then mouse down the menu choices disappear as the cursor crosses over the white separator. (GHI Website menus > ‘steals’ the focus from the mouse and the menu goes away) Same thing with all top menu items left of Support (Home > Community > Forum > Suggestions > GHI Website menus > ) can ‘steal’ focus.

Somewhat influenced by how fast you move the mouse.

I understand, just not able to make it happen here on IE10