GHI was able to make it on time for shipments!

To update you guys, we have worked all last weekend and extra hours everyday to make sure we have all orders ship and we made it! Every single order made before October 1st is shipped!

We still have quite few orders that came this week but we should be able to nail this down in couple days.

THANKS to the dedicated GHI employees and thanks to customers who trusted us on shipping their orders.

Time now to go have fun with the kits you guys received.

Orders placed before September 29th has been all shipped.
Many thanks to all GHI Staff that worked non-stop to fulfull this huge number of orders.

FEZ Spider Starter Kit will become regularly in stock like other products very soon. :slight_smile:

Thnx Guys!
We received our shipment of Fez Panda’s in China yesterday!