GHI Tunes module

Has anyone used this in anger, Im looking for something xmassy, has anyone programmed up a Tunes.Melody with such a thing…, btw Im also looking for a family fortunes “ut oh” the best I could come up with is…

        private void PlayFamilyFortunes()
            Tunes.Melody melody = new Tunes.Melody();
            melody.Add(144, 120);  // D
            melody.Add(Tunes.Tone.Rest, 100);
            melody.Add(108, 400);  // A

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I’ve used many modules that way… :wink:

yes, very good, But someone must have done some fancy stuff with this they may want to share

I have just posted an Rttl to Tunes converter on codeshare tagged as tunes, rttl.
There are lots of rttl tunes out there - enjoy