GHI Serial Camera L1 Module FPS question

Has anyone done a performance tests on the Serial Camera L1 Module.
I am curious to know what the FPS rate is for putting an image to the LCD.

The devices product page says "Mainboards with less memory and no JPEG support can still use the camera to send images over network or save on SD cards or USB drives."
Can you also tell me how the main perform "JPEG support " . are they converting the jpeg image data to BMP via software or hardware.

We will add FPS info to the catalog but it is about 1 frame per second or slower.

You can tell what device supports JPEG throgh

Yes, it is around 1 -3 seconds per frame if use 320x240 at default ratio on Spider. But you can optimize a little more
Change size and ratio of compress an make it faster or slower but it will effect to quality of image.