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GHI SDK Install for all users


When working on my class yesterday, I noticed that the GHI SDK Install does not seem to have an option to install for all users. It only gets installed for the current logged on user for the PC.

The result is that each student had to reinstall the SDK after logging in. Next class, if they sit in a different spot, they may have to do the same.

Is there a way to work around this or can the next version of the SDK include “Install for Everyone” option?



We will look into this for future SDK


I ran into this with a class as well. You don’t have to re-install the SDK for all users, only the templates need to be copied to each users profile. If you have VS Pro or higher you can point the templates folder to a common shared directory as well.


That should be on express too. Tools->Options->Projects and Solutions->templates folder.


Thanks guys. So, maybe it is by design. If each user can have different templates folder, maybe you need to copy for each user.


I think that is the idea Bob. It would be nice to be able to be able to specify two different folder though. I do this in Eagle so I can have the stock components library and my component library both available (easily). As far as I could find out there was no ‘everybody’ templates folder though.