GHI SDK 2015 R1 pre release 2 issue

Just for information

I have make an attempt to use this beta SDK for my application (who works on 4.3.6) but it fails it seems that serialport was the issue. I have no time to find exactly what was the reason precisely… I observe also that ftpserver was slower but I am not sure if it was purely a networking reason (something wrong in serial port can cause exception and therefore reduce the time allocated to ftp transfert)…

Appreciation from me, for example? As I also have similar issues.

@ andre.m - Hi andre.m I expect to initiate a topic about reliability of this sdk. According to the release note and even if it state that it is a beta version blablabla there was no major issue regaring to my application. Thus I give it a try… and it won’t work as a replacement of 3.6.0… There’s some issue inside or something not well yet documented and according to me it is related with serial port…

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Are you using G400? I bet you do :wink:

yes I am! Should I conclude something?

We have just discovered couple issues. They are fixed already and the next sdk ships soon, likely today.

You have [em]just [/em]discovered them, fixed, and shipping [em]today[/em]? Oh God save us all, untested fixes incoming…

@ Simon from Vilnius - we do not have a -1 feature :wink:

@ Gary has told us that “This preview release is the final preview before we release the officially supported 2015 NETMF and Gadgeteer SDK”. Will this next (today’s) release be really final?

I lied, get used to it. :whistle: 8)

@ iamin -

This would have been the final release hadn’t we added few new products to the sdk. So if you are not using the new products and not using G400 then you do not need this release. Everything else seem very stable.

Can anybody elaborate on the UART issues in @ Gus? I too have been experienced issues wherein the G400 appears to stop receiving UART traffic. I’m down grading to 2014 R3 SDK in attempt to get back to reliable UART comms.

@ leforban can you describe your G400 symptoms as they relate to UART?

@ Laughlin - uart was not good before this release. Please give this release a try before final release. Feedback is welcome.

UART was not working at all, I have upgrade to the prelease 3 and it seems ok now…

After few day testing, does it still “seem” to work or is it working well, please?