GHI NETMF v4.2 release date?


Do you have a target release date for the GHI NETMF v4.2?
I have a project with the G120HDR and I need to have the touch.

Let me explain why I need to know when will be the next release of the firmware 4.2.

Actually I’m pushing hard to introduce the G120 in the infrastructure of our product line to replace a Windows CE touch screen device. Lots of functionnality are in that device : data logger, web service, modbus comm with the core system, touch screen application that communicate with the core system. The first thing my boss what me to do is to show him a touch screen application running on the G120HDR as a prototype, so I have to tell him when.

Why don’t you give Gus a call at GHI to discuss your situation.

There should be a release today that is last one before RTM. Not sure what is left to have RTM but that is couple weeks away.

But you can always give us a call to chat, as a comercial customer.

What is the best way to be notify when the release will be ready today, beside hit F5 every minute on the web page :slight_smile:

Hit F5 every 30 seconds…:wink:

Upper right corner shows our channels. Twitter is a good one.

Is today is still a target for the release?

Yes but that would be for insiders only. Sorry forgot to mention this.

Are you at the office I would like to call you?