GHI Glide Wait for User Input

Hi all!
I’m using a Hydra and a T43 touchscreen, and I’m trying to make a calibration program that’s run once a “calibrate” button is tapped in the main window.
In the calibration program, I want a crosshair to appear in the top left, and then the program waits for the user to tap it, then saves the coordinates, and then repeat for four more positions. The calibration settings are afterwards applied.
I’m having a hard time though figuring out how to “wait” for the user’s input in glide. Am I supposed to have events[em] inside[/em] the calibration event or something? I think it’d be easier to do something like waiting for input in a console application, but I don’t know how to do that in Glide/C#.
If anyone has any ideas or code samples I’d appreciate the help; I’ve been searching around for hours and haven’t figured things out yet.

Sorry, I JUST saw that there’s a Glide forum where this’d be better placed. Sorry! :-[

The way it’s done in this code might be helpful to you.

Thanks for the help! I might try adapting this, but I’d prefer to learn how to wait for user input; I’ll probably need it for more than just the calibration problem solved by your link.
And after looking at the linked code, it seems like they have a weird event declared (“touchdownevent”), but never declare it and only use it once. Weird.