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GHI Gift


Thanks GHI.

I received the E-Dice today.

Now if I could only find the battery.

I know I have several somewhere!


@ willgeorge - you can use usb


Yes, thanks much! Mine (USB Prank) arrived today as well. Neat board!

One question I had (which I can test myself, but don’t want to damage the board) is whether the USB Prank can be safely run off of a USB battery or wall wart? For anything where it’s programmed as an HID, USB is fine, but if I wanted to use the pinouts to do something else with it, there’s no microUSB jack to power it.

Just want to make sure I don’t fry it in the process of testing. :slight_smile:


As long as it is 5v you should be fine.


@ Gus -

Yes, I know. Just one of my usual ‘side remarks’.

Still have not found where I put the batteries though…