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GHI Gadgeteer Library Question


Is the GHI Gadgeteer library going to be based upon MF 4.1, MF 4.2 or will it work with both?


I think both. I am using 4.1 now. When 4.2 firmware is released you can recompile everything with 4.2


It is all 4.1 now but of course we will move to 4.2 later. Even better, we will do all the work so you can have fun playing with sensors :slight_smile:



I want to start playing with the Gadgeteer library but I have been waiting for you to do all the work. :smiley:

Any idea when you will be releasing it? I was betting on this evening.


We are done but our guys keep adding more goodies and the guys at Microsoft also keep giving us more goodies! I guess we need to stop adding more and just release what we have so far.


I hope I don’t get in trouble again…

Time to stop sitting on the foot of the bed and telling us how great it going to be… :smiley:


Im totally new to the world of hardware so for me the SDK would be a godsend especially if there is a starter guide to go along with it. In the mean time can anyone point me in the direction of an example .sln to get me started?
Also the graphical gadgeteer view in VS only seems to show me the mainboard and nothing in the tool box for adding modules. Is that right?


Sure. Everything is on codeplex



@ Mike - you’re always in trouble… maybe changing your avatar to something less like doomsday would help. Maybe a butterfly or flower? :stuck_out_tongue:



You are right… I need to wimpify. I think I will look for a more friendly avatar… something like a cuddly shark. :stuck_out_tongue:


@ Architect
Woot! many thanks. I was being dull. once I found the solutions and compiled/installed them then it started to make sense :slight_smile: Slightly embarrassed that i didn’t find it to start with :-[


No problem. ;D It can be overwhelming sometimes. We are here to help and learn.