GHI Gadgeteer Board / Module size specifications

All, I have looked at the PDFs for each board and module, but do not see anywhere published that has the board/modules’s outside dimensions and location of the mounting holes. Does anyone know if those exist, or if someone at GHI can send me those for all of their current boards/modules?

I do realize that I already have most of the modules and can measure them out by hand, but was wondering if there is a more “official” spec and what the acceptable tolerances in manufacturing them would be?

Thanks in advance!


Holes are on 5 mm grid. You can also get the size of a board from eagle files on codeplex.

The size of a board can be found on any module’s product page as well.

and here is the page about that from the Module Builder’s Guide:

Thanks, I can cobble a list together from those, however I was hoping there was a “master list” of all the dimensions of all the boards and modules in a table/spreadsheet somewhere.

If not, I’ll get to work on creating it and add it to the wiki.


What are you trying to do?

Get the appropriate layouts and clearances so that I can offer custom project mounting boards that I will cut on my CNC out of wood, acrylic or plastic for folks.

I’m current using Tamiya plates to lay things out - which is fine for layout, but for actually using to demo products at codecamps, demo halls or for folks who want baseplates for enclosures… similar to the Gadgeteer case thread, but custom and much lower production runs… as low as 1 :wink:

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