GHI Export Restrictions

I noticed that SparkFun is now enforcing export restrictions. Will GHI be going that route in the near future?

Sparkfun only lists the following as unable to ship to but all others seem to be ok.

Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria

Not had any issues so far with anything to Indonesia.

Where did you see the information about the restrictions?

I think they won’t send anything to those countries, but selected products also carry this notice: (for instance, Intel Edison and certain IMUs) :

This product has some level of export control/restriction, so may be delayed by 2-3 business days when shipping outside the United States. Contact us with questions, or we will contact you after you place your order.

So that seems to mean “everywhere that isn’t USA”

ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) and the EAR (Export Administration Regulations) are export control regulations run by different departments of the US Government. Both of them are designed to help ensure that defense related technology does not get into the wrong hands.

Ah yes. Seen that here too with a supplier in Singapore with the Beaglebone Black where you need to fill out a document and wait but generally I think they can ship to you but you just need to complete the documents and full fill the requirements and I doubt anyone here is going to use for anything weapons based.

Apparently, you never saw my NETMF zombie killing Gatlin gun :smiley:

Dear Men in Black Suits,

I use NETMF and fancy electronics.

I like to build things with said technologies that incorporate fast spinning motors, GPS, Radios, Bluetooth and things that shoot flames and generally cause mayhem and giggles.

Did i pass the ECHELON test? :clap:

The funniest one was ordering a BLE module (made in Finland) from Mouser and getting it shipped back to Europe and having to sign paperwork that i wasn’t making a cruise missile…Useless paperwork me thinks…

@ Bill Gates - Aren’t you the fellow that had a sport car stuck in customs for, like, two years? If I recall though, it was as fast as a missile and shaped like one too.

Consider who the paperwork protects. It is not there to protect the citizens from bad guys. It is there to protect bureaucrats from repercussions.


@ mcalsyn - Amen.

@ mcalsyn - sometimes I like to go feral and annoy the greenies and burn some hydrocarbons at a great rate of knots. Most refreshing.

Mongrels keep the car for 13 years.

[quote=“mcalsyn”]@ Bill Gates - Aren’t you the fellow that had a sport car stuck in customs for, like, two years? [/quote] so you learnt from him, and aren’t taking the Renault? :slight_smile:

@ Brett - yup - I’m going to take a lesson from that and just leave the Renault behind. It will cost more to ship and make US-ready (if that’s even possible) than it is worth.

Learnt from a wise man then !
:wink: :wink: .

I drove a Renault Scenic for 2 years while I lived in Italy

It was awesome. Lots of space, and got like 40+ MPG

Of course it was able to do that because it was as light as a feather, and would have crumpled like a box made of tissue paper in a collision with the average american SUV, but it was an awesome for driving across Europe.

It even survived me accidentally filling it up with diesel (Italian word for diesel is “gasolio”… it’s like they are TRYING to confuse foreigners… they even keep the pump nozzle diameters the same)

We’ve just introduced a Renault Captur to the family here. Renault Captur - Wikipedia At under 1000km’s in it’s a very nice car (and staying with the French theme - we just got rid of it’s predecessor, a Peugeot 206CC )