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I ordered 2 FEZ Panda’s, 1 Micro SD Expansion, 1 Thermometer, and 1 Ethernet shield on 9/20. I added a note requesting the FEZ Panda’s to be shipped with the rest of the items. I sent an email to ghielec@ on 9/25 requesting the status of my order - no response! In the email I mentioned I would like my order canceled and payment refunded if the order can not be shopped by 9/30, I am yet to hear from them.

if anyone has the right contact in GHI, please let me know.



The FEZ Panda is just going to start shipping today or tomorrow according to GHI, a bit earlier than the October 1st estimate on the product page. Did you perhaps miss this when you ordered it? I’m sure they will follow up to this thread quickly, or else give their customer service number a call.


yeah, ok, so I do see an “This is a PRE-ORDER…” now! When I went ahead and ordered, there was a message like “We have limited supply of FEZ Panda’s, so, if you would like one before we start shipping orders, let us know during checkout why you need one earlier”. Thats’ the sole reason why I ordered the Panda, I would have the Cobra or something else! What is very disheartening is GHI does not bother to respond to any requests by email!! Order cancellation may not be their policy but a brief note would have instilled a lot of confidence for future purchases, which I do not think I ever will


My dear friend,

It is been in pre-order since we had the product online :wink: and It will be available in stock on October 1st. Maybe it was not clear enough for you when you ordered it. We have now hundreds of FEZ Panda pre-orders.

Also we respond to every single email we get . Maybe your email was considered a spam with the spam filter. Not to forget that you sent your email on Saturday. which is the weekend And most of our staff came back from the maker fare just today.

You are free to call in our office anytime if you don’t get the response for your email.



Thanks for your response. I sent two emails so far, one on 9/25 (Australian time, should be 9/24 PST/PDT) and one yesterday. I ordered the items because of the note “We have limited supply of FEZ Panda’s, so, if you would like one before we start shipping orders…” and the note I put during checkout highlighted that it will be hard to get the FEZ Panda in Australia any time soon and I have prototype work for which FEZ Panda is the best. My assumption was you guys do have limited number of FEZ Panda’s already available and if someone came up with a good enough reason, they can be shipped before 1/October. This does not seem to be the case…

I will call your office to discuss.


Yes please give us a call and we will make sure you are more that satisfied. We NEVER ignore emails. If you didn’t hear back then we never received it.


While I am far from a GHI employee, I have to say that the GHI team are an incredible bunch who support their customers (from large enterprises through to hobbyists like us) extremely well. Your experience here is unusual, in that you could always expect a reply in a day or two. But I think we can all say that the past month has been an incredibly busy time for the team at GHI with activity on product releases, SDK updates, Maker Faire last week and over the weekend, as well as the number of Panda pre-orders was somewhat overwhelming. That has obviously caused some impact to their response times, but I think in this case you’re somewhat taking a lack of response this out of proportion, especially since it was a Saturday. Sorry to hear your story, but I’m sure that’s not most people’s experience. I’m sure one of the GHI folk will be along shortly (if not already, while I’m typing this) to help make things better.

(edit) yeah I see they’ve responded


We are available in the office from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern time. I am not sure about the time difference with your time zone. But you notice we still answer the forum almost 24 hours/7 days.

Yes, the statement you mentioned about the limited available quantity is completely true. But we decided not ship any just to be fair with everyone. At least you are getting it at the cost price $19.95 :wink:


Thanks Brett :slight_smile:


@ Brett - I do not quite agree with your comment that I am taking the lack of response as out of proportion. This is my first ever experience shopping with TinyCLR/GHI and I am not overly impressed. My order is definitely one of many TinyCLR receives every day, I appreciate that very much. I also appreciate how much time the team at GHI spend with the community, that’s incredible. For a first-time shopper, with a specific request in a note attached to an order, I do not think it is nice to just decide to not ship the Panda to be fair with everyone.

@ Rafik - As I mentioned above - a little note informing that the order can’t be shipped since you are trying to be fair with everyone would have helped.


Do you remember what shipping method did you choose?
When did you place your order?


We selected “USPS Express Mail International”. The order was placed on 9/20 and here is the request, copied ad verbatim from the order confirmation email -

"I would really appreciate if I get the FEZ Panda and rest of the items shipped together. We are a group of hobbyists based in Sydney, Australia where it is hard to source components we ordered. I intend to collaborate with my friends on projects utilizing the Ethernet shield with the thermometer (adding a CMOS camera later) on the FEX Panda to build a monitoring station for households. We intend to use publicly available services such as Twitter to regularly update temperature (and use Twitpic and other APIs to upload images when we have the CMOS camera). We also intend to implement an Windows Azure service that the user can register to provide push notifications on the Windows Phone 7.

I would appreciate if you kindly consider shipping the FEZ Panda and other accessories soon.

Thank you,


This was placed before our decision. Also you showed very reasonable reasons for getting FEZ Panda earlier. I do understand your pain now.

This is not acceptable. you should have got your order. I am personally sorry for that. Maybe for some reason your comments did not reach the right person here.

I will forward this post to our shipping guys and check for the possibility of getting get this order shipped with FedEx so you get your order as fast as possible with no extra charges. How does that sound? ::slight_smile:


Thanks Rafik, I appreciate your offer. The whole idea has now been canned since we can’t get the items before the end of this week. We are not sure if getting the Panda’s by FedEx will help either as we will not have it before the end of the week anyway (we were going to start work this friday, work over the weekend and get the demo ready by monday next week). We haven’t explored any other options yet, so, not sure if shipping by FedEx will help. The only thing I can think if a refund request is acceptable for this particular order. In future, I will call your office number before placing an order, making sure the items are available and ready to be shipped.



Don’t forget the tornado! :slight_smile:

Not that it helps you, but I had exactly the opposite experience with my first purchase: I placed a couple of orders (including one for a Netduino) from other electronics sites 2 and 4 days before ordering my Domino, yet the Domino arrived two days after I placed the order - fully a week before my other orders arrived! These guys really bust their butts for everyone here - hope you give them another chance, especially since I see they’re trying hard to make things right.


In general, if the product is available to add to the chart then it is available. There is not need to check the availability by phone. But of course you are welcomed to call any time.

You can send an email to ghielec or call tomorrow to tell us about your decision.


What I don’t understand is that the product page very clearly stated that the Pandas were expected to ship on 10/1/2010. It has also been all over this very forum many, many times. So, why get all bent out of shape?


That because GHI offered to ship FEZ Panda (limited) orders sooner with the urgency explanation. So indyfromoz expected the order sooner than October 1st.


Indy, if you really want a Panda now to start your work, I have one of the pre-production versions (it’s a cut down version with not all items populated like the LED and resistors - but otherwise it’s FULLY functional) that I could give you. I’m in Sydney AU, if you need it let me know. my HOTMAIL address is brett_pound.


Yes Joe but we said we will try. We never promised FEZ Panda to ship any day before October 1st.

indyfromoz, all products are in stock unless the website says otherwise. FEZ Panda was the only exception since it is a pre-order not back-order. There was a very large yellow note about all the details. The note was removed since we started shipping them.

The whole point here is that we always answer emails and we always work with everyone. This thread is consuming time for no good reason. Please let us know what you want and we will take care of it immediately. FEZ Panda will ship by October 1st as promised.

Thanks for understanding