GHI BootLoader BIG flaw

I just found a very big flaw in the ghi bootloader. Say you deploy your app and then use the “P” command to protect your app, the first time someone tries to download it the bootloader doesn’t allow you, if you try a second time however it works fine.

Did you check the the file you have read has the actual firmware? Did you try to erase the deployment and load the file to see if the application works?

Yes I did and yes it works. By the way my loader is v1.07.

I checked the loader source code (didn’t try on USBizi) and what you are saying seem impossible!

Maybe you did erase and reloaded before you tried to read again.

Just use teraterm and enter G command and show me how it works the second time :slight_smile:

Ahhh I see where the problem is now. In the USBizi docs it doesn’t say you have to press Y after P. And in my flasher it sits and waits for Y, so when you send the command to download the user app the first time it then clears the P. So the second time it responds as it should.

I guess now is a good time to unveil my unofficial-official flashing utility :slight_smile:
FEZ Panel

Supports all the bootloader commands(well at least the ones in the docs :slight_smile: ) and the nasty SerialPort exception when disposing is also fixed. I re-wrote most of my previous implementation that is in the XModem thread. If it passes your quality requirements perhaps it can replace TeraTerm.
And the full source of course (its copyleft so distribute/modify as much as you like)

WOW! All freakin’ sweet! I only have couple comments so far.

  1. freakin’ is spelled differently
  2. where is the website
  3. do you want to put this in the wiki with some screen shots?
  4. should the software say “beta” for now till we make sure all is good to go?

I do not think I have given 1000 point before but tis contribution will really help everyone!

1.freakin’ is spelled differently
3. do you want to put this in the wiki with some screen shots?

Already helping him with this :wink:

Note: Please do not use this for cobra, yet. We are working on it!

Now that’s just far more practical. Than terra term

teraterm is still great tool to track problems but for normal use, this tool is just awesome

Hey, check it out, someone took my suggestion!

[url]- YouTube

Very nice! Gus, can we get this put in the downloads section? Maybe after it’s tested by GHI?

Looks like you have the video twice in there, one with audio and second without audio lol :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for being a good support of the FEZ community.

One comment I have is that the tool should open the COM only when need it and then close when ti is done. Why? Because if you have 4 FEZes and want to upgrade them all then all you have to do is plug one, click upgrade and then click the next one…etc.

Also a “quick update” is also handy where you do not need to select the file…well, you select it once but then you only have to hit F5 maybe for quick update.

If you guys do not have time for this then I may work on it when I am doing with the few things I am working on.

Absolutely, but we need to make sure it is all good to go first and been tested well.

(link removed)

Also a product page now :slight_smile:

Good suggestions! Stay tuned :slight_smile:


I have a feeling that the COM port would be disconnected anyway when the FEZ is disconnected.

I wish but that is not the case

Nevermind, I read your post wrong. I thought you were suggesting that the program keep the COM port open.

So once this code goes open source, we can have Fez’s programming other fez’s in mass production, so that we won’t need a full PC to program it. Yet another problem solved by the community.

Actually, Kurt, I think that was always something that could be done. In a production environment, you certainly don’t use VS to load each board!