GHI Bluetooth Module and Windows Phone

Has anyone successfully connected from Windows Phone to a project using the GHI BT module? I’m testing using @ RoSchmi’s YABT driver:

and I can intermittently connect from my Windows 8.1 laptop (I can consistently receive messages from the Spider board where I have the module connected, but can’t seem to consistently send from the laptop (using puttytel) to the Spider, which is the more important piece for me.

But I can’t seem to connect at all from Windows Phone 8.1. I can get the module to pair successfully, and to connect (or at least it says it’s connected), but when I try to communicate using one of the available BT terminal apps, it fails silently, and if I go back to the BT connections, the module has disconnected.

Just wondering if anyone’s tried this scenario and gotten it to work.


I’ve got a GHI BT and Win 8.1 phone here, if you post up the code you’re using I’ll take a look over the weekend and see what I can do with it. I’ve done a lot with the WP over the last year

Never. I now use Justin’s module for BLE and WP8 and it’s trivial.

TWIMC - I must confirm with Jason, with the Bluetooth Smart modules from Justin it is just simple serial communication. The BLEExplorer on my lumia 630 Cyan just paires, communicates and I can simply send the ascii codes (in decimal form) preceeding with a zero to test the netmf side.

That would be nice, but to my knowledge, Justin is on vacation so I assumed that he is not currently fulfilling orders. :frowning:

I will look at home from old code, but I must have functional code: spider with bt module from ghi sending text at Windows phone.

@ devhammer - Look what I’ve found … A Redtooth Smart :open_mouth:

I’ve got it as a spare here, just tested it with WP and the connection LED turn active, so I can send it to you if you want to … it’s missing a resistor R2 though, I think Justin said it was for the reset but I never used it so far … I don’t know the value either, even if I compare to the correct one … it’s all very small, looks like 0402s

PM me if need be …

@ Skewworks - I’m using the example code from Version 4 here:

FEZ Spider with the GHI BT module connected to socket 4.

I can get the BT to pair with my PC running Windows 8.1, and it’ll connect the first time, but on the PC I typically have to remove and re-pair any time I power cycle the Spider.

On Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, I can pair the BT module normally, but every time I connect, it disconnects before I can send or receive any data. I’ve tried 4 or 5 different BT terminal apps, and none work. Unfortunately, none of the ones I’ve tried have any debug info when errors occur.

@ PiWi - PM sent…and thanks, and Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:

@ devhammer -
Hi, I know of an application on codeplex using Windows phone and The Ghi-BT Module, I can search it when I,m back from vacation in sunday. Connection to a PC is better accomplished with The 32feet library as shown in my BT file transfer project on GHI CodeShare

Thanks. Would appreciate any help I can get. Feels like I’m close, but maybe I’m just missing something that would make this a little more consistent. :slight_smile:

Hi, here is The link to The App

@ RoSchmi - Thanks for the link. Looks very interesting!

I can confirm that when the serial port protocoll is used on the PC the BT-Module must be removed and paired again to get a Connection. When the library is used on the PC side, this is not necessary. May be that this is a Problem on the PC-side. I do not remember that this was a problem before but with the spp protocol I had lots of problems that a once used COM port could not be used the next time.
Did you try the library?
Did you make progress with the communication to Windows Phone?

@ RoSchmi - Thanks for the feedback.

I have not had time recently to make further attempts with BT, but perhaps I’ll give the 32 feet library a try and see how that works out. At least that would help determine whether the issue is with the module or something on the PC side.

One thing… once the module has been paired the first time, I show two different COM ports in Device Manager (COM9 and COM10). There seems to be some inconsistency in terms of which of the two can connect to the BT module (using a terminal program). Sometimes one will connect, and the other won’t, sometimes both will. I wasn’t able to see a consistent pattern, and since I’m not sure what I should be seeing, it’s hard to know if what I’m seeing is normal.

It is correct that usually two COM ports are shown. Usually one can be used for the connection. I don’t know the exact reason for this. I went away from the Serial port protocol and used the RFComm Connection of the library which was reliable.

If you want to use this project
please keep in mind that on a 64 bit Windows System you must run Visual Studio with Administrator privileges (for the PC ftp-Client side) to use the included library

FYI, I was finally able to get things working with both PC and Windows Phone by dropping back to the BT driver that was part of the Pano Head project.

I can now pair and connect with both PC and Windows Phone, and (using a terminal app on each) can communicate both ways via serial.

Tested it with the tunes module, so now I just need to re-wire the RGB LED code, and I will be good to go for a BT-controlled Christmas star (and for those wondering, it’s still officially Christmas until at least Jan. 11th, depending on who you ask :wink: ).


Thanks for all the help and advice. Sometimes, all it takes is setting things aside for a bit and revisiting.

You will have to post a video clip :smiley:

Absolutely. Once I have the code updated, I definitely will.

Happy New Year!

@ devhammer -
I just revised my “FEZ/PC Bluetooth File Transfer Server/Client” Application adapted to spider mainboard with BT-Module on Socket 8. It should run on your side without modifications. You should see how nice it works on PC side with the included library.
I’m just trying to build my first App for my Lumia 925 to try Pano Head project.