GHI at maker fair in NYC

Do you know what is maker fair? [url][/url]

GHI is planning to be at the NY maker fair coming soon but first we have to complete some fun, what demos? The fair is family even with a lot of kids and hobbyists. Very few engineers as I saw it. So, the plan is to make demos that kids can play but at the same time show some value to hobbyists or even engineers. The easiest and most fun we see are the simple games you see at places like [url][/url] and [url][/url]
…like the rotating circle Robert is making [url][/url] which should be done tomorrow I hope.

Note that FEZ can do a lot more but we want adults and kids to stop by and have fun, that is the only goal.

If you have some ideas or recommendations then please let us know.

We also look forward to meet you guys at NY maker fair.

How about a robot arm connected to a Cobra? Make it so that there is a picture of the robot arm on the Cobra that you can use the touch screen to manipulate. You could even make the robot arm out of some custom foam and servos. Maybe you could also integrate networking in somehow, too.

A tic tac toe playing computer - LED matrix and buttons.

A NIM game playing computer - large LCD with touch

tic tac toe…easy and kids will love it!

I don’t know if you already thought about it, but there is the Simon electronic game. Most kids already know about it.

Could do a variation… On each button have the picture of an animal. Instead of lighting the button, play an MP3 with the sound of one of the four animal. Then the button has to be pressed.

But… the Simon concept originated in an Atari arcade game called “Touch Me”, which would be an inappropriate title for a game now. :smiley:

I like the arm robot idea. We can connect USB Joystick and let the kids try to catch the toy FEZ monkey

Yes, but make it safe. Kids + joystick + robot arm might result in unsafe situations ::slight_smile:

I like the robot arm idea (robot guy, I know ::slight_smile: ) if you need help, ask me! :wink:

Why not a Mastermind/Bull & Cows game? (link removed) could see this working with either 4 multicolor LEDs and a character display, or 8 multicolor LEDs (4 for the actual guess, and 4 to display how many bulls & cows the player has).

Also I’m thinking about Battleships board game, but thats more complicated and would definitively require more LEDs.