GHI and .net Gadgeteer mentioned on .Net Rocks Podcast

Ep: “Phone Games in China with Jonathan Peppers” time code ~31 min mark.

The guy was asked if you had $5000 to spend what would you buy? He mentions Netduino and then they talk about GHI for a moment.

GHI should reach out and get on the show.


Gus has been on the show a few years ago if I remember.

if you are curious about Gus’ appearance, here it is .NET Rocks! Gus Issa Has a Micro .NET Framework!

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Thanks Gary. That was really interesting, if a bit dated now.

Does anyone listen to the Embedded(formally Making Embedded Systems) podcast with Elicia White? I highly tecomend it. It would be great to hear Gus or someone else from GHI talk on there.

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I’ve been listening to Embedded for a few months now (since she appeared on The Amp Hour). It’s been pretty good - I have been slowly working my way through some of the back episodes too. I wonder though if it’s not a west-coast only thing. I can’t recall hearing a guest who sounded “remote” to her?

@ Brett - I think circuitco and memsic are based somewhere else. But they could have been in town for a show or something. Obviously she was remote on theamphour so it’s not completely alien to her. Off you did it it would be worth sending some hardware across for her to talk about.

@ hagster - I haven’t listened before, I will try to catch a few episodes this weekend

EP43 was pretty good if you want to start somewhere.

That will be my Sunday morning “reading” :slight_smile:

Mentioned again in the latest podcast. With special mention to soldermonkey.