Getting 'Version Unknown' after updating firmware

I have a USBizi-100 on a custom board that I’ve been using for many months now. I updated the firmware today and thought that everything went fine but when I deployed my application it would not work when I enabled CDC w/debugging. It hangs up after calling:

 port = USBClientController.StandardDevices.StartCDC_WithDebugging();

I tried with another of these custom boards and it works fine so the problem is related to this one board.

I tried to update the firmware again and noticed that after the USBizi updater says the update was successful the device does not seem to reboot and the updater returns a ‘Version Unknown’. When I look at the board with MFDeploy it shows up as version 4.1.8.

Is the processor toast??

Turns out it was the USBizi. Swapped it out flashed the firmware and now CDC w/debug works on this board again. What a strange problem, but that is what happens with prototype hardware :smiley: