Getting Organized with a Spider

I ordered a Spider kit and a few extra modules.

All the goodies arrived in a nice box, which up to now I have been using for storing my kit.

But, it is inconvenient to have to rummage though a bunch of plastic envelopes to find a module. So, I bought a compartmented box to house the modules and cable collection.

One thing that has been not mentioned, along with the Spider GHI ships a laminated card with Gadgeteer socket guide. The card shows which modules, which are lettered, can be plugged into each connector. The card can be seen on the box cover.

Nice setup! Does it come in red? ;D

I got it on Amazon, and I believe they had several different colors.

I’ve had good luck with containers like this searching for ‘tackle box’. Seems like the fishing retailers source from some of the same box manufacturers, and charge less than when it is called an ‘electronics storage box’. Now if I could just catch a fish without shorting anything…

Good idea. It would actually be pretty sweet if GHI packaged them this way in a nice little custom FEZ colored box. You know these things are going to be all over the educational & user group meetings. Would make good marketing for GHI.