Getting notifications for new inbox mail

Is there a way to get an email notification for new INBOX messages?

I spotted 2 in my inbox this morning purely by checking it. There was no notification of any messages. It would be nice to receive an email if there is any new messages in the inbox.


@ Dave McLaughlin - It would seem that something is broken. I used to always get an email notification. Thanks to your post, I see that I’ve missed some messages also.

ME 2, and I even got complaints about not reacting in a timely manner … since people expect that one is notified …

See what happens when you make it to one of my lists, keeping mocking me people, just keep mocking! :whistle:

I could also swear that @ Josh posted something a while back saying that notifications were going to be sent for @ mentions. However, I’ve never received one of them either. Did I dream that?

I don’t think we committed to that one, we talked about looking into it.

I have commitment issues.

It looks like @ Josh has been a busy boy today based on all the closed Tasks. Glad you committed to something. :wink:

1st of July, maybe it’s a new year ? Time to knock off some of the things you’ll be measured against in your review? :whistle: .

@ Brett - Like … work ?

In another forum that I frequent, a member was complaining that so many of his favorite internet sites were being blocked at his business, that he might have to do some work to stay busy.

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I’m not here to judge :wink:
Note he still hasn’t fixed the emoticon issue with end of lines :slight_smile:
This one works because I have a trailing dot :slight_smile: .

Trailing space works as well, and is less conspicuous. But yes, it’d be nice if we didn’t have to use workarounds. :wink:

But the default quoting mechanism strips your trailing space and not my trailing dot :slight_smile: .

Or you could do like they taught you in 2nd grade and end you sentence with a period. :smiley:

@ Josh -
On a similar note regarding website bugs… I noticed a week or so ago the forum stopped opening external links in a new browser window/tab and instead now leaves the GHI site. Is this expected new behavior or is something broken? I preferred it when it opened external links in a new tab and didn’t take me away from the forum.

@ ianlee74 - I’d need to see an example :slight_smile:
Only links within GHI should remain in the same window/tab. Could it be a browser update? lets see if that works :slight_smile:
OK that seems to now open in the new window again :wink:

Still no notifications even though I checked and set the options in my profile settings.

Hmmm… That one works. However, if I try any of the ones on this page then they open in the same window. It looks like the one where you specifically added the “url” tags work as planned but the automatically applied hyperlinks do not.