Getting "No Source Available" on app startup

With a really simple project that does basically nothing I am getting a No Source Available page popping up.

The error page that is displayed is pointing to Gadgeteer.dll!Gadgeteer.Program.Program() line 22

It happens in the program.generated.cs file on the line

Program program = new Program();

It feels like it is trying to step into the constructor logic at this point for some reason even though I am not explicitly trying to do this. This is also happening on the more complex projects i am working on such as a web server.

I am unable to debug the code past this point which is pretty frustrating.

I have the latest API and firmware on my device. (Feb24)

Can anyone help me?

:-[ OK please ignore this question. I solved it by unchecking “Require source files to exactly match the original version” check-box under Tool -> Options -> Debugging -> General.

Strange thing is it was working last time I was tinkering with my FEZ Spider…

don’t step into Gadgeteer calls, step over them. The Gadgeteer source is available, so you could step into if you want but you probably don’t :slight_smile:

F10 is great if you want to focus on your code - but the latest GadgeteerCore has symbols in case you want to step into it! If you love our code, please let me know. Otherwise, feedback welcome at