Getting into the bootloader mode if they removed the up , down , select buttons


Our pcb guys sent me a prototype with the EMX on it but didn’t provide the up down select buttons, is there a way other than using those buttons to get in to the bootloader mode so I can update the GHI firmware?

Yes, see manual please. I think it is $ sign

ok I’ll have a look, thnx!

For others searching this

[quote]EMX provides an emergency direct access to the
GHI boot loader through COM1 which can be done
by sending the % character continuously and
quickly to COM1 on power up from terminal service
software (TeraTerm) with the following settings:
• Baud rate: 115200
• Bus width: 8 bits
• Parity: none
• Stop bits: 1 bit
• Flow Control: none[/quote]

Hmm… I’ve been trying this method (sending % every 500ms) as soon as the power is on… but it does not seem to have any effect

Why 500ms? send it faster

For things like this I hold the required key down in the terminal program and then power on the device.

Tried Jeff’s method using TerraTerm and tried the no delay method with eltima serial port monitor… the managed application still boots

Just remembered this is not a Panda
I can use MFDeploy :slight_smile: