Getting GDR2 on Lumia 1520

So, I used the Windows Insider app on my Lumia 1520 to start the process of updating to windows 10 but it appears an interim step is GDR2

One of the cool features there is support for Bluetooth keyboards.

well I’m typing this on my MS Wedge Keyboard on my Lumia, which is awesome.

It’s not perfect. I’m seeing some weirdness with some characters on the keyboard, but how cool is this?

Sorely tempted to start the process on my 830, and just leave it at GDR2, but not sure what would happen when the official update comes out. :slight_smile:

And fair warning…YMMV with this technique, and I don’t recommend using the Windows Insider app on your daily driver phone, since the Windows 10 bits, at least, are very early still.