Getting class descriptor from USB Host

Hello, I guess this must be easy…

When working with USB Client, I can supply USBConfiguration.ClassDescriptor for the USB interfaces.

Now if I work with USB Host, how do I read such class descriptor for the interface of connected device?


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I don’t really know USB Host, but is the USBH_Descriptors Configuration Class doco, and for general USB Host APIs.


But I always go back to the USB Discovery example code, and perhaps that’ll actually show you what you need?

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I have been playing with the USB host for a while and have not seen anything that would suggest to provide the interface’s class descriptor. The USB Host documentation is not really helpful, is it… anyway you made me went through this again and the auxiliary descriptors seem to be structurally similar to the class descriptors, so I will check whether the data are in.


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Okay I have managed to get some device with a class descriptor and for those who are interested I confirm that the auxiliary descriptors do contain them as suspected. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support!